Damage Claims and Warranty

Damage Claim: A damage claim is made when there is physical or financial harm caused to a product or property. It involves seeking compensation for the losses incurred due to an accident, mishap, or negligent action. Damage claims can be made for various situations, such as a damaged product during shipping, property damage caused by a defective product, or personal injury resulting from a faulty device. The purpose of a damage claim is to recover the costs associated with the damage or loss.
Warranty Claim: A warranty claim is made when there is a defect or malfunction in a product or service that is covered under a warranty. A warranty is a promise made by the manufacturer or seller that guarantees the quality, performance, or condition of the product for a specified period. When a defect or issue arises within the warranty period, the customer can file a warranty claim to have the problem resolved. The manufacturer or seller is typically responsible for repairing or replacing the product, or providing a refund, depending on the terms of the warranty.
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